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Civil Litigation

In civil lawsuits, litigation attorneys represent both plaintiffs and defendants. They oversee the whole litigation process, from inquiry, pleadings, and discovery to pre-trial up to appeal.

Business Disputes

The business litigation experts at the Law Offices of David H. Wong handle a wide range of complex business matters for corporate and individual clients locally, regionally, and nationwide. We recognize how costly and time-consuming litigation can be. As a result, we assist clients in decreasing litigation risks, lower expenses, and maintain valuable commercial relationships.

Defense of the Americans with Disabilities Act

This statute prohibits prejudice against disabled people. Several mental and physical medical disorders are in the ADA’s definition of disabilities.

Default Judgments

A default judgment is a legally binding judgment in one party’s favor based on the other party’s failure to act. It is usually a decision in favor of the plaintiff.

Contract Disputes

When one or more parties to a contract fail to fulfill their responsibilities, a contract dispute arises.

Disputes Over Property

Property law deals with disagreements over property ownership as well as harm to another person’s property or real estate. A civil litigation attorney can handle a variety of different forms of property issues.

Tort/Class Action Cases

Class action lawsuits are similar to tort lawsuits, except that the plaintiff represents a group or class of persons hurt by the same thing, such as defective products.

Complaint Against the Municipality

Disputes with the municipal or the federal government are usually resolved outside of court. Even yet, if the government refuses to pay, the proceedings are typically prosecuted as civil cases.

Hire a Civil Litigation Attorney

Attorney Wong and his team have in-depth knowledge of civil litigation matters and will fight tooth and nail for their clients in San Gabriel Valley, CA; Los Angeles, CA; and Southern California. He offers free consultations and is fluent in Chinese and Mandarin.


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